Amazing Facts

"Here are the some of the amazing facts in Biology. These lists of amazing facts are both educational and catching. Hope you read and enjoy these facts."

Amazing Facts in Biology

"The right lung of a human is larger than the left one. This is because of the space and placement of the heart."

"Native Americans used to use pumpkin seeds for medicine."

"Corals take a long time to grow. Some corals only grow one centimeter in one year."

"In Belgium, there is a museum just for strawberries."

"Scatologists are experts who study feces. (aka. crap, dung, dookie, dumps, feces, excrement, etc.)."

"Pumpkins contain potassium and vitamin A."

"The fastest moving land snake is the Black Mamba in Africa, which can move up to 7 miles per hour."

"Rabbits can live up to ten years."

"The average life span of a single red blood cell is 120 days."

"The honey badger can withstand hundreds of bee stings that would otherwise kill another animal."

"Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world."

"The word "moose" comes from the native Algonquian Indian word meaning "twig eater."."

"An armadillo can walk under water."

"On average, a typical dairy cow lies down and stands up about 14 times a day."

"There are approximately 45 billion fat cells in an average adult."

"Close to 73% of girls in Bangladesh are married by age 18."

"Nerve impulses for muscle position travel at a speed of up to 390 feet per second."

"The Basenji dog is the only dog that is not able to bark."

"There is a dog museum in St. Louis, Missouri."

"An average person laughs about 15 times a day."

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